Tor Anonymous Browsing

Some countries will ban you from participating in certain Bitcoin or other crypto currency programs or they can just sensor certain websites they feel you don’t need to see. The instructions in the video gives you a way to browse anonymously via the Tor browser.

Below are the instructions:


Then open: Tor Browser>Browser>TorBrowser>Data>Tor
Open up file: “toorc” in notepad
Add these 2 lines:
ExitNodes {jp}
StrictNodes 1

Please Note: {jp} can be substituted for any country of your choosing, just put inside the { } the country abbreviation.

Start Tor browser, then check the ip by clicking down arrow next to the onion beside the address bar at the top to see your public ip address.

Below are some crypto currency (i.e. Bitcoin) online profit programs that your country may block you from seeing: