Fund My Cause Bitcoin Crowdfunding actually pays

Fund my Cause is a Crowd Funding platform that help people receive funds from crowds of people who believe in You and Your cause.

This is a peer to peer voluntary donation based platform. all participants willingly give a donation, just like they would donate to any other cause out there.

We are using it to raise funds for Project HOPE.

Fund My Cause has just been smart enough to put this in a system where all can active participants can benefit.

Fund My Cause can help raise funds for Business Ventures, Help Your Community, Your Church or Ministries, Your Favorite Charity, Pay off a Mortgage, Payoff a College Debt, Medical Bills and much more.

You receive 100% of the funds to your cause as there are no commissions.

Bitcoins can be used in over 300,000 retailers.
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Bitcoin Crowdfunding

As Bitcoin becomes more and more popular we are seeing an influx in crowdfunding platforms surrounding the digital currency space. We have tested some of the platforms and find the Fund My Cause to be one of the better platforms out there.

If you have a cause, mission or project that needs funding, you may want to consider learning more about the Bitcoin Crowdfunding model.